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Entry Into Space With Awake

Galaxy of Awake is an ever-expanding universe with an arcade where the community can play and win prizes. It is an ever-expanding universe about 3 miles in size. According to the market income, the AWAKE holder can become a citizen of the AWAKE GALAXY (AWAKE) by purchasing our tokens and nfts and win multiple quality rewards according to the rarity of the nfts with the determined stake rates. The AWAKE galaxy contains multiple nft categories. At the end of the improvements made according to the number of AWAKE citizens, the stake rates and nft categories will be renewed and presented at the NFT showroom. GALAXY consists of 3 NFT categories as planet, costume and AWAKE cards. Within each NFT category, the rarity ratios are determined as ordinary, rare, and unique. According to the roadmap, new categories will be added with rarity rates. AWAKE citizens will be able to take a look at the new NFTs and protect the integrity of the community with VR technology at the show center. Staking rates will be adjusted according to each new NFT category. After the arrangements are made, NFT burning as well as token burning will be done at the show center. Game players will recognize the general principles of 'AWAKE', our first game from Q3 2022. We are launching the Beta version of AWAKE for our community in August 2022. This is the first play and win game to bring our community together. The AWAKE platform was created with various futuristic capabilities in mind. Our communities will be able to do the following in Metaverse. Play game Asset Creation Buying and Lending Assets (NFTs, Lands, Portals)
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